University Housing Policy

Upon admission, first year students are guaranteed university housing for either three year or four years. The housing guarantee for students can be found in their admissions letter, but you can also call Students Services at 617-552-3300 or 800-294-0294 if you are unsure. The majority of students receive three years of university housing, with the year off-campus to be taken in their junior year (the junior year off is non-transferable). Transfer students are guaranteed university housing for their first year or semester at Boston College.

Students who do not want to live off-campus can appeal for an additional year or semester of university housing. Appeals are designed to accommodate students who demonstrate a significant need over others to reside on campus and are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. It is critical that students prepare a backup plan in the event that their appeal is unable to be granted. This back-up plan should include using resources available to them through our office in searching for alternate housing options, specifically those on our website,

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