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New to the BC community? We can help you learn the local lingo...
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Listed below are words and phrases often used by BC students, faculty, and staff:

AHANA: An acronym which stands for African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American and is used to describe people of this descent and the associated organizations.
BCPD: Boston College Police Department
BRIGHTON CAMPUS: Acquired in 2004, this newest area of BC campus is home to the School of Theology and Ministry library, the Cadigan Alumni Center, and Human Resources (located in 129 Lake Street), with plans for several additional buildings in the next few years.
CABARET ROOM: A space in Vanderslice Hall mainly used for theatre productions, functions, and parties. Also open for studying until midnight most nights.
CHOCOLATE BAR: Located on the first floor of Stokes, it houses Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Edy's Ice Cream, and each Thursday night from 8 P.M. to 10 P.M. often features musical performances by BC students.
CLEVELAND CIRCLE: Busy area at the intersection of Beacon St. and Chestnut Hill Ave., where one can find restaurants, the C and D lines of the Green Line T, CVS drugstore, 7/11 (open 24 hours), Chipotle Restaurant, Pino’s Pizza, the Eagle’s Deli, Starbucks, Cityside (bar and restaurant) just to name a few.
CORCORAN COMMONS: Referred to as “Lower” is a dining facility located between Robsham Theatre and Vanderslice. Downstairs is famous for its made-to-order subs while upstairs houses “Addies,” with organic locally grown food. The Heights Room is also located here, where a lot of functions take place.
EAGLE’S NEST: Deli on the 2nd floor of McElroy, open Monday through Friday 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.
ERC: The Education Resource Center, located on the bottom floor of Campion Hall.
EAGLE ESCORT SERVICE: Free service offered by the Campus Police; vans or the walking patrol can transport or accompany students to on-campus and many off-campus destinations, rather than having them walk alone. Available 24 hours. Call (617) 552-8888.
HEIGHTS, THE: The independent student newspaper of Boston College. It is also a name for the hill on which BC sits, and thus is sometimes used to refer to our campus.
HILLSIDE CAFÉ: Located on the 1st floor of Maloney Hall. It serves coffee and tasty sandwiches.
HOVEY HOUSE: Located across the street from McElroy, it is home of the Office of International Programs (OIP).
HUT, THE: The Quonset Hut is a small recreational complex on Newton Campus.
ITS: Information Technology Services
MAIN GATE: Commonwealth Avenue entrance to BC, next to Voute Hall.
MALONEY HALL: Building on lower campus behind O'Neill Library. It houses the Hillside Café, a bookstore, various Student Affairs departments and the Connell School of Nursing.
McELROY: One of Boston College’s student unions; pronounced Mac-el-roy, not Mick-Elroy. The McElroy Dining Room, Eagle’s Nest, Cafe, Bookstore, Post Offices, and Campus Ministry are located here.
O’CONNELL HOUSE: This multi-purpose space used for concerts, performances, meetings, and other events is located in the center of Upper Campus.
PLEX: The Flynn Recreation Complex, located on lower campus across from Conte Forum. The Plex offers aerobics, swimming, squash, track, tennis, racquetball and a weight room. Don’t forget to bring your ID for admission.
QUAD, THE: The paved pathways in the middle of Devlin, Fulton, Lyons, and Gasson Halls.
RAT, THE: Officially titled the “Welch Dining Room”, this fast-food style cafeteria in Lyons basement is still referred to by its original name “The Rat.” It is used by student groups for social gatherings and shows, and occasional speakers in the evening, as the cafeteria services end at 3 PM.
(THE) RESERVOIR “THE RES”: The large body of water next to campus. Surrounded by a 1.5 mile / 2.4 km running track, the “Res” is a great place for a walk or jog on a sunny day.
ROBSHAM: Robsham Theater, which is located on Lower Campus next to Corcoran Commons. It houses performances of Boston College's various theater and dance groups, as well as major lectures and intercollegiate a cappella competitions.
ST. IGNATIUS: Roman Catholic Church on Lower Campus. This is a regular parish church as well as the site of popular BC student masses.
ST. MARY’S: St. Mary's Hall is located on the Main Campus; it is the residence of BC's Jesuit Community and has its own chapel where Mass is celebrated several times daily throughout the week.
ST. JOSEPH’S: Chapel located in Gonzaga basement of Upper Campus, where BC student Masses are held.
STUDENT INVOLVEMENT FAIR: A very important day when almost all student organizations solicit new members. It is held on Stokes Lawn in good weather and in Conte Forum if it rains. This is the best opportunity to get involved in extracurricular life on campus.
STUDENT INVOLVEMENT, OFFICE OF: Located on the first floor of Carney Hall, OSI oversees all student activities, clubs, unions, and events.
STUDENT SERVICES: Houses both academic and financial services and is also where students can get their student identification cards, parking passes, etc. Located on the first floor of Lyons Hall.
"T": The MBTA (Mass Bay Transportation Authority), Boston's public transportation system of trolleys and buses. BC sits at one end of the Green line’s B line. The C line, which runs into Boston along Beacon Street, is accessible at Cleveland Circle, while the D line’s Reservoir stop is also at Cleveland Circle, but is also accessible at the Chestnut Hill stop, on Hammond Street, and at Newton Center. The D line is the fastest way into and out of the city itself from BC. You can find more information about the “T” at
UGBC: Undergraduate Government of Boston College.
UPPER CAMPUS: Part of campus located west of College Road, the heart of first-year social activity. Home to 1400 students, mostly first-years, it is the site of O'Connell House Student Union, Shaw House, a basketball court, and lots of green space.
UIS: The system used by BC to register, add, and drop classes. To use UIS, download it from the BC website. Log in with your BC user name and password. Then type ‘7’ for BC records, then ‘2’ for student information, then ‘R’ to register for courses.
VSLC: Volunteer and Service Learning Center
WZBC: Boston College's radio station - FM 90.3
YELLOW ROOM: Adjoined to Stuart Dining Hall on Newton Campus, the Yellow Room is a site for socials, studying, and other events.

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