What To Know Before You Go

Move Out Recommendations: Take pictures of the apartment and keep for your records in case the apartment management or landlord says you caused damages. Send photos and a written description to the landlord or property manager and ask them to sign off on it.

Off-Street Parking and Furniture Exchanges: Looking to sell or buy furniture or an off-campus parking spot? Post your listing on our message boards at bc.edu/offcampushousing. The forum is similar in style to Craig's List, but more secure as it is reserved for the BC community or approved guests.

BC Clean Donations: BC Clean is a donation initiative overseen by the Office of Residential Life in collaboration with Custodial Services and the Office of Sustainability. Members of the BC Community have the opportunity to donate items in good condition, such as clothing, non-perishable food, books, appliances, as well as general household goods and furniture. All donations are collected by local non-profit organizations who distribute them to individuals and families in the greater Boston community. Off-Campus students can drop off their donations at Thomas More Apartments (2150 Comm Ave) between 8:00am-8:00pm.

Security Deposits: Just because you may be moving out does not mean your landlord/property manager will give you your security deposit back at this time. Your security deposit is due back within 30 days of your lease ending, not within 30 days of you moving out. However, before you leave try to do a walk through of the apartment with the landlord and discuss when and how your will get your deposit back when the lease ends in August.

Early On-Campus Move-In: If you have a university housing assignment in the fall of 2017 and an apartment lease ending, you can apply for early campus move-in. You can be approved to move into your university housing assignment as early as August 21. The early move-in application will be available on the Agora Portal mid June. For questions, email transitions@bc.edu.

Lease/Class Date Conflict: As you are likely aware, classes in the fall of 2017 begin on Monday, August 28. Therefore, students moving into off-campus apartments have been asking their landlords to allow them to move-in prior to the 28th of August. Our office would like to encourage you to be as accommodating as possible to tenants who may be moving into your current apartment. It would be much appreciated if you took advantage on early on-campus move-in, or allowed the new tenants to store items in your apartment or even sublet from you for the last week of August.

Other Resources: For resources pertaining to off-campus living, please visit the resources tab of our housing website: https://offcampushousing.bc.edu/resource.

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