Who to Call by Issue

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Landlord Issues: Some landlord issues include right of entry violations, failure to properly manage the security deposit, failure to return the security deposit, overbearing behavior or calls, or refusal to return phone calls. Who Ya Gonna Call? In these situations the best place to call is the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office. The Attorney General's Office is a great resource for offering suggestions and information about tenant rights and landlord-tenant law.

Property Concerns: Property issues may include chronic maintenance issues such as problems with heat, hot water, or leaking pipes. Other issues may involve broken locks, missing life safety devices, or overcrowding. Who Ya Gonna Call? Every city and town has an Inspectional Services Department responsible for regulating the state sanitary code and ensuring safe living conditions for tenants. For property concerns, try to work it out with your landlord, but if that fails, call your local Inspectional Services Department. ISD is here to ensure all tenants are living in safe and habitable conditions. 

Agent/Broker Problems: Some agent/broker concerns involve constant text messaging or calls, pushy behavior, lack of information sharing, mismanagement of paperwork, failure to collect landlord signatures, or charging illegal fees. Who Ya Gonna Call? If you feel that your agent/broker is acting illegally or unethically, you will want to report the situation to the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure. This division is the state organization that oversees the licensing of real estate agents and brokers. They can investigate the situation and even have authority to remove the license from those acting inappropriately. 

Town/City Concerns: Some town/city issues may include receiving fines for improper trash/garbage storage, a lack of adequate snow removal from public roads, broken street signs or traffic signals, potholes, or questions about parking tickets. Who Ya Gonna Call? To get in touch with the correct city or town department, dial 311 on your cell phone or download the app on your mobile phone. The 311 number is a centralized line residents can call 24/7 to get questions answered or get connected with the most appropriate office to assist you with your needs.

Safety Assistance: Safety concerns may include needing to return alone to your apartment late at night, suspicious behavior in your community, medical emergencies on your property, break-ins, or other disorderly conduct. Who Ya Gonna Call? For immediate assistance with safety concerns, you can call the emergency or non-emergency line of your local police department. As always, you can dial 911 if you do not have access to your local police department's number. If BC students need safe transportation late at night, they should call Boston College's Eagle Escort at 617-552-8888. All BC related safety numbers are located on the back of each student ID card.

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