The Off-Campus Student's Guide to the Boston Marathon

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Passing BC, Approximate Times: 

Men's Wheelchair (10:19AM), Women's Wheelchair (10:34AM), Elite Women (11:25AM), Elite Men (11:38AM). Runners will be passing BC continuously until about 4:16PM.

Social Host Responsibility: 

You are responsible for what happens at your residence (house, apt, shared residence spaces inside and out) at all times, whether you are present or not. Communicate with your roommates and housemates about what to expect on Marathon Monday.  

We expect that many underage students and non-students are seeking a place to party and consume alcohol on this day.  If you choose to host any social gathering on this day, you should expect to be overwhelmed by guests (known and unknown) and you are responsible for all of their behavior.  

Parties documented on Marathon Monday go through the Boston College conduct process AND receive a court summons for Brighton District Court for all residents of the dwelling. Choose wisely for what you are willing to risk to party on this day.

Travel Restrictions:

(1) After approximately 10:00AM it will be difficult to cross Comm Ave.
(2) Several MBTA Green Line stops along the Marathon route will be closed. This includes Copley Station and above-ground stations at South Street, Kent Street and St. Mary’s Street. Service is free on Patriot’s Day.
(3) The BC Shuttle Bus will not be running until 6:00PM.

Public Safety:

The Boston Police Department, the State Police Department, and all other local departments will be in the area to ensure safety and security of everyone. Please help them by following these restrictions:

(1) Zero tolerance for public drinking, open containers, and public intoxication.
(2) Do not sit or stand on roofs, emergency exits, or overcrowd decks.
(3) Although not banned, individuals are discouraged from carrying backpacks on this day - bags may be subject to search.

Do Not Drink on an Empty Stomach:

As soon as alcohol is consumed the body starts to break it down, but some is always absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Having food in the stomach - particularly proteins, fats and dense carbohydrates - slows that absorption process. The things that speed it up are carbonated mixers, like soda, and higher temperatures. (Warm drinks are absorbed faster.) Once alcohol is in your blood neither coffee nor a cold shower will get it out any faster.

Help Seeking Policy:

The health and safety of Boston College students is of paramount concern. As a result, all students are expected and encouraged to seek immediate assistance for themselves or others in situations where help is needed due to intoxication or drug ingestion.

Students should actively seek assistance for themselves or others, as a result of impairment due to alcohol and/or drug use.  Boston College will support and encourage this help-seeking behavior by treating the situation as a health and safety matter, rather than a conduct matter, when students contact emergency responders or university officials. Additionally, anyone who seeks help or calls for help on behalf of another student will not be subject to action through the conduct system.

Mind the "Can't Cross Comm Ave" Time:

Commonwealth Avenue near Boston College will be closed to car traffic at 8:00AM. The road will become extremely difficult for pedestrian passing at approximately 10:00AM. The pedestrian passing restrictions typically leave many students stuck in the off-campus communities between Lake Street and South Street in Brighton.

There will be crossing locations at the top of Commonwealth Avenue, near BC’s Upper Campus. Always follow the instructions of marathon personnel, police, and the National Guard directing traffic.

Emergency Vehicles: 

With Commonwealth Avenue closed for traffic, emergency vehicles have a more difficult time traveling on Patriots Day. Please be mindful that it is more difficult for emergency vehicles to get to you on this day and try to avoid situations that would require immediate medical assistance.  

Mod Access:

Entrance to the Mods is restricted on Marathon Monday. In order to enter you must be 21+ and have a valid ID and you must be a current Boston College student with an active BCID. There will be no exceptions made for students who do not have proper identification.

Appreciate the History:

The Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world's best-known road racing events. The event attracts 500,000 spectators each year, making it New England's most widely viewed sporting event. 2017 marks the 121st running of the Boston Marathon! Go enjoy your front row seat to this amazing event!

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