Reader Email: Housing for Graduate Students

The Email: Dear Off-Campus Housing, I am an incoming graduate student and I would like to live on-campus in a residence hall. How do I request on-campus housing? Thank you.

Off-Campus Housing Response: Residence Halls are used exclusively for BC undergraduate students. All graduate and professional students live off-campus in apartments or in rooms in private homes in the areas surrounding Boston College. You can start your search for housing by visiting If you have your BC username and password, you can log in as a student. If you don't have that information yet, you can log in as a guest user (pending approval). There is also a roommate finder on the web, so you can connect with other students also looking for housing or to add roommates. Finally, we have a tab with resources, covering information from Frequently Asked Questions to rent costs and sample forms and documents. There is also an off-campus housing fair at Boston College for graduate and law school students this Friday, June 16th!

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