Guest Blogger: 10 Reasons Why I Loved Living Off-Campus

Guest Blogger: Andrew Yeager, Boston College 2018

As my junior year hurtles to its conclusion faster than Plexapalooza tickets sell out, it’s time to pause and reflect on the last semester I’ve spent living off-campus. It’s had its ups and downs, but overall I’ve loved my experience! Here’s a ranking of ten of the many reasons why it’s been a great choice:

(10) The Balcony: The balcony outside my apartment is the perfect place to relax on a warm spring night. Complete with couches, portable speakers, and two plastic ducks, it’s the place to be. My roommates and I just have to be careful not to make too much noise, because sound travels easily to our neighbors!


(9) Learning to be an Adult: Living off-campus has provided a taste of what life after college may be like. I’ve learned to cook for myself, deal with landlords, pay bills, and take care of my own apartment. I definitely feel more equipped to handle the "real world."

(8) Riding my Bike: After studying abroad in Amsterdam for the fall semester and being ingrained into the bike culture there, I was happy that living off-campus provides the perfect opportunity to keep on biking. It cuts my morning commute to classes from Foster Street down to just four minutes, and allows me greater mobility to get around Brighton and the rest of Boston.

(7) Breaking the BC Bubble: Even though I’m situated very close to BC’s campus, I’m beyond it just enough that I don’t feel sucked into the bubble. I spend most of time around Cleveland Circle and Brighton Center, studying in coffee shops or getting a bite to eat at one of the many great restaurants in the area. Not to mention the Reservoir Stop on the D-Line (way faster than the B-line) is super close so all of Boston is accessible.

(6) SO MANY FOOD OPTIONS: Forget waiting in line at Lower; there are literally dozens of restaurants within 10 minutes walking-distance of my house. My favorites: @Chili Thai Bistro - try the Drunken Noodles; Eagle’s Deli - amazing burgers, fries, and shakes; El Pelon - huge burritos, Moogy’s - 50¢ wings on Wednesday; Yamato - all you can eat sushi and kitchen.

(5) Off-Campus Community: Junior year can be strange, since so many of your friends go abroad one semester or another. So it’s nice to live in an area filled almost entirely with juniors; you can find familiar faces around every corner. With student filled areas like Gerald, Foster, Kirkwood, and South, you and your class can compose a quasi BC neighborhood. Just remember there are also many full-time residents on these streets as well - always be respectful of their space and right to quiet enjoyment.

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(4) Cooking for Myself: Having a meal plan can be convenient, but I’ve found that I love cooking for myself. Learning recipes and making dinner with my housemates is always a lot of fun (I wish the Tasty Videos on Facebook turned out as great as they look). Just be sure to clean up after yourself, dishes can pile up quickly.


(3) Freedom: Comfy mattresses, hardwood floors, and Christmas lights galore. Living in my own apartment has allowed me to furnish my room exactly the way I want it. No more room checks and no more red window tabs. However, with freedom comes responsibility. It is critical to manage your space to keep everything and everyone save.

(2) $aving Money: One of the biggest reasons why living off-campus is a good idea is that you can actually save money. Before I moved off-campus, I ran a cost analysis to determine my budget. Take a look at how my costs fared against what I would have paid living in university housing. For me, it made financial sense to live off-campus for my junior year. 
(1) Having a Single: In every BC hall, students live with either one or two direct roommates. However, like many other apartments and houses off-campus, mine offers a spacious single that I can call my own. I can decorate and furnish it how I like, and there are never any roommate issues. It’s my favorite part about living off-campus! But if you’re trying to keep costs down sharing a room with a direct roommate will save the most money.

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