Re-Blog: On/Off-Campus Housing Myth-Busters!

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Myth: Students that lived in a force triple or on Newton Campus get better pick times.
Fact: Previous housing situation have no bearing on the housing selection process or pick times.

Myth: Grade Point Average (GPA) is a factor in determining the pick time. 
Fact: A student's GPA is not a factor in determining a pick time.

Myth: Conduct history is a factor in determining a pick time.
Fact: Generally, conduct history does not impact the housing selection process whatsoever. However, disciplinary sanctions such as losing Mod privileges can prevent a student and his or her group from selecting a Mod.

Myth: Scholarship athletes receive better pick times.
Fact: Scholarships, be it academic or athletic, have absolutely no bearing on pick times.

Myth: Students who do not receive financial aid get better pick times.
Fact: Finances and financial aid do not factor into the housing selection process at all.

Myth: Blocking with friends impacts the pick time.
Fact: Blocking does not impact your pick time. Whether the group leader decides to block groups of friends or decides to select housing for only one group of friends, there is no impact on the pick time.

Myth: The earlier in the day that your group registers, the better their pick time.
Fact: Group registration is not first come, first serve. However, it is a good idea to register early in case you come across any technical problems that need to be resolved. 

Myth: Students with more involvement get better pick times.
Fact: We think it is great to be involved, and if this myth gets you signing up for more clubs or volunteer activities, then great! However, this myth is bogus.

Myth: If one roommate transfers or withdraws at some point after a room has been selected, the remaining roommates will need to move out.
Fact: We would never move students out of a room because someone transferred or otherwise chose to not live on campus. However, it is very likely that we will have that open bed space filled with someone from the housing wait-list.

Myth: If you don't live with your friends you will never see them again.
Fact: Our campus is big, but not that big! If you don't live directly with your friends, it is likely that you will live within 15 minutes of them. What is 15 minutes between friends anyways!

Myth: If I do Final Selection I will receive a single.
Fact: More than likely, you will not receive a single if you go through Final Selection. Most of our singles on campus are reserved for students with medical needs. 

Myth: If I do Final Selection I will be placed in the least desirable rooms on campus. 
Fact: Our office holds some rooms off line during the housing selection process and uses these rooms for students doing final selection. Students doing final section have a good shot of getting some very nice housing - but aren't all of our housing options nice anyways?

Myth: There is no social life on College Road.
Fact: Why don't you ask the Resident Director or Resident Assistants if there is a social life on College Road. Trust me, there is. It is also super convenient for getting to class.

Myth: Thomas More Apartments (2150 Comm Ave) is reserved for seniors only.
Fact: Believe it or not, but halls are not assigned to any particular class year. Seniors could opt to live on Newton Campus if they wanted. Therefore, the Thomas More Apartments are just like all other halls and is not reserved for any particular class year. If there are openings and it is your pick time, you can select it.

Myth: Once you select a university room assignment, you cannot back out.
Fact: You cannot change rooms to another space on campus, but you can decide that you do not want university housing. Students that decide they no longer need university housing should fill out a Housing Leave of Absence Form located under MyResLife on the Agora Portal. 

Myth: If I wait too long to look for off-campus apartments or houses, there won't be any options left!
Fact: There are tons of options near BC all year round! Check out to get started or go straight to our apartment database at

Myth: Living off-campus is more expensive than living in university housing.
Fact: Living off-campus enables students to find a wide range of housing options with greater financial flexibility than living in university housing. Many students find that living off can be a more economical choice depending on their particular situation. 

Myth: If I live off-campus, I'll feel separated from the BC community.
Fact: Not true at all! You'll most likely be living in a neighborhood full of your friends and other students from your grade, forming your own community. You can learn about happenings off-campus by visiting our events page.

Myth: To avoid conduct issues, it is better to live off-campus because BC cannot enforce policies when you live off-campus.
Fact: Not only does Boston College enforce university policies for students living off-campus, but the Boston, Newton, and Brookline Police Departments will also respond to disturbances.

Myth: Financial aid won't apply if I live off-campus.
Fact: Your financial aid can be turned into a source of credit which you can use towards rent, food, etc.

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