Lockup Before You Leave

With the weather warming up and vacations on the horizon, please take a few minutes and prep your apartment and your valuables if you plan on leaving your apartment for an extended period of time.

(1) Remove all valuable items (laptops, iPads, game systems, etc.) from view and close all shades and/or blinds so these items are not visible to those who may look into your windows.

(2) In addition to securing your apartment, ask nearby neighbors to watch the area around your house and/or dwellings. If they’re able to grab your mail while you are away, this can serve as an excellent deterrent to thieves looking for signs that residents are not home.

(3) Please be mindful of the other items of value in your home, specifically jewelry or large amounts of currency, since these are often attractive targets.

(4) Adding timing devices to lighting indoors and motion censored lighting on porches, the rear of your home, and in alleyways can be helpful so your unit or apartment is not a target at night.

(5) Simple suggestions as mentioned above, along with taking a few extra minutes before you leave your apartments can help prevent you from becoming victimized while enjoying your much deserved time off from your studies.

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