Guest Blogger: Off-Campus Student, Andrew Yeager on Summer Sublets

The weather’s getting warmer, the midterms have come and gone, and summer is finally on the horizon. The days of #offcampuslife are coming towards an end, and you’ve already made plans to return home or venture beyond Boston. But you can’t relax just yet - there’s a small worry in the back of your head... “Where am I going a summer subletter!?” 

Of course you don’t want to shell out rent money for a room you won’t even be living in, and so the summer sublet search begins. Since I’m in the middle of this process myself, I can not only relate to this feeling, but can also recommend some good ways of finding your subletter in shining armor.

Reach out to Friends: While this might be an obvious method, it is probably the most successful one. Ask your friends what their plans are for the summer, and if they’ll need a place to live in Boston or Newton. If they don’t need one, then ask if they know of anybody who does.

Make a Listing on the Off-Campus Housing Website: Visit and after signing in with your BC credentials, add a new listing through the “My Account” tab. Follow the directions on the page, and be sure to add photos of your room/apartment! Students from all over the country come to Boston for summer jobs or to take classes and they all get referred to this database for their summer housing needs.

Post on Facebook: Write a post outlining the location, rent, and other details of the room, and then post to it as many Boston College Facebook group pages you can find (both official and unofficial ones). Don’t be surprised to find more than a few messages of interest in your inbox. 

Find People on the Off-Campus Website: Not only does allow you to create a listing of your room/apartment, it also lets you search through dozens of profiles of people looking for housing. Click on the “Roommates” tab and create a roommate profile yourself, orienting it around your offer for a summer sublet. Once you’ve made your own, you’ll be able to search through the other profiles and see which ones are specifically looking to summer sublet. Don’t be afraid to send them a message! The people who are the most proactive usually get the best results.

Good luck with your summer sublet search! 

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