Rideshare Safety

General Safety Tips When Using a Rideshare Service:

  • Always look before you leap. Never jump into or enter a car without first confirming it’s the car you called. 
  • Rideshare services always send a confirmation text to riders with a photo of their driver, the license plate number of their vehicle and a description of the vehicle so you know who and what to look for.
  • If you see a car you believe to be the one you called, check the plate number, the car’s make and model and the driver's identity before entering the car. If they don’t match, don’t enter the vehicle.
  • Riders should never get into a rideshare car they didn’t order. Nor should they get into a rideshare car if any of the information they received in the confirmation text does not match up. 
  • At no time should a driver instruct a passenger to sit up front unless transportation of a larger group dictates such. If you’re traveling solo and a driver insists that you sit up front, trust your instincts and do not enter the vehicle.

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