Guest Blogger: Back from Abroad

Guest Blogger: Andrew Yeager, Class of 2018

The first couple weeks back at Boston College after winter break are a special time. A new year, a new semester, a fresh start. But for a large number of the Junior class, it marks an even more unique time: the return from studying abroad. It’s great to reconnect with friends and find out what the buzz at BC has been, but after having lived in a foreign country for over four months, there can be a bit of culture shock! This is especially true for students who have just moved into an apartment or house off-campus. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to help adjust to this new setting:

(1) Get your roommates to help you move furniture and other items into your house! They’ve already been settled in for the past few months, so they’ll have the time and energy to help you settle in as well.  (2) You’ve most likely had to cook for yourself while abroad, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to go without a meal plan. But shopping for groceries without a car can be a challenge, so take advantage of the BC shuttle that travels to Star Market on Sundays. Click here for the schedule.  (3) Let your landlord know that you’ve returned so he can be aware of who’s in the apartment or house.  (4) Talk with your new roommates early on to figure out how to divide up responsibilities, like taking out the trash or managing the bills. They’ve had a system worked out for the past semester, so try to go along with the flow.  (5) Bring some foreign zest back to your friends at BC! Try cooking them traditional meals that you experienced abroad, play music that was popular amongst the locals, or even just regale them with the many stories you collected during your journeys. For the past few months they’ve only been able to get an idea of your experiences through social media, so they’ll want to know what it was really like.

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