A Day in the (Off-Campus) Life

Want an idea of what it’s truly like to live off-campus? We asked Andrew Yeager, a junior living on Foster Street, to go through his day. Here is what we got...

6:00 AM
Wake up for Crew Practice, already jealous of my three other housemates who’ll wake up a few hours later.

6:15 AM
Despite my body yelling at me to go back to sleep, I get in a carpool to the Charles River. 
Thankfully it’s under 10 minutes away from Foster Street!

6:45 AM
As the sun starts to rise over Boston skyline, 
I hop in a boat and row down the river with my teammates.

9:00 AM
Stagger back into my house, sweaty and exhausted, and head straight to the shower. 
Afterwards I internally debate between making breakfast or taking a nap...
Nap always wins.

9:45 AM
Wake up for the second time this morning, and whip up some cheesy eggs, bacon and hash browns.
I do almost all of my shopping at Star Market, which BC conveniently provides a shuttle to on Wednesdays.

10:15 AM
Ride my trusty, rusty bike to classes. Having a bike makes the commute from off-campus even easier, and there are lots of spots on-campus where it can be parked!

1:15 PM
Time for food again - While there are tons of options around Brighton and Newton, 
El Pelon’s steak burrito is always a good call.

1:45 PM
Head over to work in the Office of Reslife for a couple hours...
gotta make that moolah cause rent, gas, electric, and cable bills don’t pay for themselves.

4:00 PM
Bike down Commonwealth Ave to the West End House, an after school program for students in elementary through high school, and a BC Bigs location. There I spend time with my “little brother” Henrique playing basketball, drawing pictures of Pokemon (Henrique’s much better than me), and tons of other games and activities.

6:30 PM
Bike back home to cook dinner with the rest of my housemates. 
It can be hectic with all of us in the kitchen, but we put on music and have a great time cooking together.

8:00 PM
Time for homework and internship applications. I usually just work in my room, but sometimes I venture out to Fuel or Starbucks, which are always popular study locations.

10:00 PM
Like a grandpa, I’m asleep by 10 PM. 
Thankfully living off-campus allows me to have a single, so I don’t have to worry about a roommate keeping me up!

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