How to Check Your Smoke Detector Batteries

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Smoke detectors are an important part of every off-campus accommodation. However they often go unnoticed. When living in University Housing, the Office of Residential Life provides and maintains the smoke detectors in your hall. Unfortunately, your off-campus landlord might not be as meticulous about their smoke detector maintenance.

When you search for an apartment, make sure that any potential apartment is equipped with smoke detectors. Don't take them for granted. Look up for them and if you don't see any ask about them.

When you move in, check to make sure your smoke detectors' batteries are in working order. Most smoke detectors have a test button on the exterior casing. Press the button and hold it down, after a few seconds the alarm should sound. If not something is wrong- likely the batteries are dead or missing. Reach out to your landlord immediately and ask them to fix the smoke detector. If they are unresponsive, change the batteries yourself.

You should test your smoke alarm batteries once a month. Although many detectors beep when the batteries are running low, you should not wait for this to happen. Schedule a monthly time when you will check your smoke detectors and stick to it!

Working smoke detectors are essential to a safe home. Hopefully, your smoke detector will not be needed, but it is not worth taking a risk and going without.

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