Reader Email: Will the Lease Fall Apart if I Back Out?

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Reader Email: I am a sophomore looking for off-campus housing with my friends. There is a place that everyone wants to live in and we are feeling pressured because another group may take it. Everyone else in the group is ready to sign a lease, but I have spoken to my parents about it and they are not ready to have me sign the lease at this particular location. I am afraid that if I back out my friends will loose the apartment - how should I handle this situation?

Off-Campus Student Living's Response:  This is actually a very common issue, especially with students in larger groups. Often two or three people really want to rent a particular apartment while others in the group (students or parents) are less sure about signing the lease. The common thought among those students and parents is that they need to "go along" because they don't want to back out and have their friends also miss out on the apartment. However, signing a lease is a serious commitment and should not be done just to appease others. If you find yourself facing a tough decision you owe it to yourself and others in the group to be honest about your concerns and have a real conversation about what type of living accommodations and lifestyle you envision for your off-campus apartment. If you and your roommates have differing perspectives you may want to discuss a compromise or consider going your separate ways. Sometimes good friends make terrible roommates and everyone involved may be better off by pursing other options.

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