Reader Email: Concerned Roommate

Reader Email: I have noticed my roommate drinking a lot lately. It seems like any chance she gets, she is either out partying or drinking. I haven’t talked to her about it, but I’m getting a little worried about her. I want to say something, but I’m worried she won’t take it well or will get upset with me. We live off-campus, so I don’t have an RA to talk to about it, so what do I do?

Off-Campus Student Living’s Response: This can be a common issue, especially when students live off-campus and feel like they don’t have to answer to anyone. It is always difficult to confront a roommate when you think they have some sort of drinking issue, but it is ultimately best for them and for you to get it out in the open. If you need assistance bringing up the issue with them, you can always call BC’s own Alcohol Screening and Prevention Initiative’s (ASAP) hotline- Alcohol Information and Support at 617-552-4000. They can be there to help talk you through the issue and walk you through the possible following steps. Whether you want to speak on the phone or schedule a 20 minute in-person meeting, they give you the necessary tools to mediate any conflict involving alcohol. Above all, you can choose to remain anonymous and not identify yourself or your roommate. 

Additional Campus Resources:

University Counseling Services: 617-552-3310
University Health Services: 617-552-3225
Office of Health Promotion: 617-552-9900

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