Leaving Your Apartment Sublet Ready

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The end of the fall semester is fast approaching and many off-campus students plan to sublet for the spring semester. If this is your plan there are a few questions you should ask yourself as you prepare you apartment for your sub tenant:

Are you coming back? If you are not returning to your apartment, your belongings should be completely moved out. Not only will this give more space to your sublettor, but also you won't have to worry about tying up loose ends when your lease ends.

What, if any, valuables are you leaving behind? If you are returning, think long and hard about what you leave in the apartment. Are these items that your sublettor will be using? Are you just storing them in the apartment for when you return? Keep in mind, particularly if you are leaving valuables behind, that these items might be damaged or stolen while you are away.

Is your sublettor really getting the space you promised them? If you are leaving items behind for storage, is your sublettor getting the space they were promised? If you are leaving the closet full of your clothing, then your sublettor will not be able to use this space. Talk about these expectations with your sublettor. If you are leaving things behind to store them, consider giving your sublettor a break on their rent, as they are not truly renting the same amount of space as you are.

Is the space clean and welcoming? Your sublettor is moving into their new apartment and it should feel just that way to them, new. Make a good impression on your sublettor by creating a clean and welcome space for them to move into. Your sublettor will be caring for your apartment during the term of the sublease, so it great to start off on a good foot with them.

Are you leaving behind a mess for your roommate to deal with later? If you are leaving items behind or storing items, pack them in such a way that they are easy to move when it does come time to move them out. Make plans now to move your belongings out, so the responsibility to take care of them doesn't fall on your roommates shoulders. Check in spaces that you may forget for things that you should throw out now. These include: the fridge, the kitchen cabinets, any common storage space and the bathroom (don't leave that shampoo behind).

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