Spring Sublet FAQs

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(Q) How do I advertise my listing?
(A) Create and post your listing on bc.edu/offcampushousing. Sign up and log in as “BC Student, Faculty, and Staff.” Once you enter the site, select “My Account” and then on the left hand column select “Add Listing.” Follow the prompts to add your sublet listing to the housing database. You can also create a “Roommate Profile” and link the profile to your sublet listing. You may even want to ask anyone staying in the apartment to also create roommate profiles and have them contact people who they may want to live with next semester after you depart. Once you have a profile, actively reach out to others who may be looking for housing. Be as detailed as possible and add photos to the listings. The more information you provide, the more interest you will generate.

(Q) How do I connect with incoming exchange students?
We direct all incoming exchange students to the housing database and roommate finder to start their housing search. Exchange students are referred to us from the Office of International Programs on a rolling basis throughout the fall semester.

(Q) Am I guaranteed to find a spring subtenant?
(A) Our office cannot guarantee that you will find subtenants. There are many more students planning to study abroad spring 2017 than are currently abroad. The incoming exchange students will help supplement some of the difference, but there likely will still be a significant difference in numbers between students leaving to go abroad and students entering BC from abroad. If you are struggling to find a replacement, you may want to discuss this situation with your landlord as they may allow you to be released from the lease or help you find a subtenant. 

(Q) How else can I advertise my sublet?
(A) We recommend you cast as wide a net as possible and use all your resources. First, consider reaching out to students from other schools that are linked to our roommate database. Next, consider using your class Facebook account and word-of-mouth. Finally, you could consider looking outside the Boston College community to get your space filled.

(Q) What do I do after I find a subtenant?
(A) Sign a sublease agreement - your landlord may or may not provide you with a sublease form. If not, you can write your own agreement or use the form we provide on our resources page.

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