Reader Email: How Do I Get An Appeal Approved?

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Reader Email: I am a sophomore with three years of housing guaranteed but I want to live in university housing as a junior with my friend who has four years guaranteed. What do I need to say in my appeal to have my request for an additional year of housing approved? Thanks!

Off-Campus Student Living's Response: You are not going to like the answer to this question, but the truth is that there is no "one thing" you can say to get your appeal approved. Every appeal application is reviewed by a committee and approved on a case-by-case basis based on the information you provide to our office. The committee is comprised of members of the Office of Residential Life, Health Services, and Financial Aid. All medical or financial information is kept private and reviewed by only professionals from Health Services or Financial Aid. Traditionally, students with verified medical or financial needs are approved at a higher rate than others when the documentation they provide outlines their need in detail. Ultimately, the committee simply wants to hear your honest reason for requesting an additional year of university housing. If that reason is because your best friend will be choosing university housing and you want to live with her, then tell us. Keep in mind, the number of students who are approved will vary from year to year based on the availability of bed spaces and that the appeals are reviewed on a rolling basis. For more information about the appeal process, click here.  

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