Guest Student Blogger: Grocery Shopping & Food Delivery

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About the Blogger: Rally is an office assistant in the Office of Residential Life for Off-Campus Living. She assists students with their search for affordable living off-campus. She is a senior in the Carroll School of Management with a concentration in Management and Leadership and a minor in French. Rally plans on going into the Peace Corps after graduation and hopes to go to law school upon her return. She will be blogging about her experiences with off-campus life.

Off-Campus Food Options: Most students living off-campus don't have meal-plans. Living off-campus is the first time many students have had to think about preparing their own food and shopping for themselves. Some students resort to living off of Ramen noodles or they actually try their hand at grocery shopping a few times a month. Sooner or later though, they usually discover what a pain grocery shopping is when they don't own a car and their primary mode of transportation is the T. Lugging back heavy groceries on the T isn't a pleasant experience. Take our word for it! Luckily enough for students contemplating living off campus next year or those living off-campus this year, there are some very handy websites that can help them out.

(1) Peapod is a grocery delivery service that has been around for quite a while. Students can order all their groceries on their laptops and in the comfort of their own home. For a small delivery fee, students' groceries will be delivered right to their doors. A lot of the time, though, students end up throwing away food at the end of the week because they overestimated how much they would need.

(2) With services like BlueApron and HelloFresh, students can order pre-portioned ingredients that they can cook themselves. There's absolutely no waste because the companies only send you the ingredients you will need for the specific dish. And what's even better is that you can order different sized dishes. So, if your friends are coming over and you need to cook dinner for them, you can just order the family sized plan as opposed to the 2-person that week. These services are a great way for students to gain exposure to cooking and learn recipes they can use in the future.

These services are affordable and can range anywhere from $7.75-$8.60 a meal. What's even better is that delivery is free and the food comes in refrigerated boxes, so even if you aren't home to accept the delivery, the food won't go bad! With options like these, there's no reason for students to go hungry anymore!

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