Reader Email: Spring Sublettor?

The Email: Dear Off-Campus Housing, I'm planning on studying abroad in the Spring semester, but first I need to find a sublettor. Is there any advice you can give me, so that I can find a sublettor? 

Off-Campus Living's Response: To search for a sublettor, start by creating a listing on our off-campus housing search website. You can do this by logging in with your student account. On the "My Account" page you'll see an option to create a listing. Be as detailed as possible and include information about any roommates that are staying behind.

This website is our one stop shop for off-campus housing. We direct all members of the BC community searching for housing here. This includes transfer students, BC students returning from abroad, and exchange students. Keep in mind, the number of students planning on going abroad in the spring exceeds the number of incoming spring students. As a result, you may not find a BC sublettor for your apartment. You might have to consider some tough questions: Can you lower the rent that a sublettor will pay for your apartment? Can you afford to pay the full rent for your apartment while you are abroad? Do you need to reconsider your study abroad plans?

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