Halloween Weekend Message

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This Halloween weekend, please be mindful and protective of yourself, your apartment, your classmates and your neighbors. With people dressed up, it is important to know who is underneath the costume, especially if they are coming into your home.

Please note that the Boston Police Department will have extra patrols in all neighborhoods, with special attention being paid to those neighborhoods where there are large concentrations of students and areas where there have been a history of large gatherings and parties. The Boston Police will also have a zero tolerance police for public drinking. Please make sure your behavior reflects favorably on yourself, your family, and Boston College. Do not put yourself in a position that could jeopardize your future.

Remember that you can contact the Boston College Student Community Liaison through the Boston College Police Department (617-552-4444) should you need assistance in clearing unwanted guests from your apartment. Please remember that you live in a neighborhood community, so please respect your neighbors and the neighborhoods in which you live. Furthermore, students are encouraged to seek medical assistance for themselves or others for alcohol intoxication or drug ingestion. These incidents will be treated as a health and safety matter through the “Help Seeking Policy,” rather than as a disciplinary matter through the conduct system.

Finally, it is important to remember that some costumes may be offensive to members of the student and off-campus population. We are a community that is committed to celebrating diversity, not mocking it. Please dress with respect! Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

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