BC Breakfast Club: October 9th

One way to start off and stay on good footing with your neighbors is to participate in the BC Breakfast Club! The Breakfast Club is a fun and informal community service opportunity. You can pick and choose which weeks you want to participate (if any) and volunteer to help pick up trash in the off-campus community on Sunday mornings of home football game weekends. After clean up, we treat the group to breakfast at Eagles Deli. The clean up usually lasts around 40-50 minutes; student enjoy getting to know their peers and their community better. This program allows students to give back directly to their community and for neighbors to see students caring about their community! 

The next time you are looking to get to know your neighbors or for a free Sunday morning breakfast or to add community service to your resume join the Boston College Breakfast Club! 

For more information or to register email bcbreakfastclub@gmail.com

Breakfast Club Schedule:

Sunday, October 9 at 10:30am (Clemson)
Sunday, October 23 at 10:30am (Syracuse)
Sunday, November 6 at 10:30am (Louisville)
Sunday, November 20 at 10:30am (Connecticut)

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