Tailgating: What You Need to Know

Brighton Campus & Shea Field:
  • No underage drinking will be tolerated
  • There will be active underage drinking patrols who will ID on the campus
  • Large crowds will bring additional scrutiny regardless of age as noise and excessive drinking are also discouraged
  • Failure to comply may result in their friend/family loss of parking for the game and/or season
  • Failure on any large scale or regular basis may also result in further restrictions (like Shea) in the future or no tailgating at all

Off-Campus Apartments:
  • Do not carry open containers of alcohol outside
  • Be mindful of noise and respectful of neighbors
  • Clean up trash you or others leave in or around your rental property
  • If you go to the game, lock up your apartment

  • Mods are restricted to 21+ 
  • Any underage students found jumping the fence or in the mods during the restricted times will face conduct follow-up and lose their ability to live in the mods
  • As always, comply with Police and University Officials

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