Lock Your Doors

Photo of open door of BC student apartment at 2:00AM last spring. No students were around when we knocked.

One of the best things about the experience of  living off-campus is the sense of community. Students tend to live in one general area. You may recognize other people who live on your street, or you might be good friends with all of your neighbors.

Unfortunately, this sense of neighborliness is not always positive. This sense of community can often lull students into a false sense of security. Living off-campus isn't dangerous, but you do need to lock your doors. Over the past year, we have seen a number of off-campus break-ins. In most of these cases, the intruders entered through an unlocked door. Sometimes these robberies even occurred when the residents were home.

These robbers know the homes that students generally live in. They know that it is likely that doors will be unlocked. They know that you have valuable, such as laptops, that are easy to quickly find and grab. They know that they have an opportunity to blend in when you have guests over. They are waiting for these opportunities. 

Don't give robbers an opportunity to take advantage of you. Lock your doors, even when you are home. Keep the shades on your windows closed, so that robbers can't see anything that would make them want to find a way in. When valuables such as your laptop are not in use, store them in a safe location. Places that are in plain sight or backpacks are usually the first place a thief would look. When you have guests over make sure that your bedrooms are locked and that your valuables are secured and out of plain sight, as well.

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