The Off-Campus Living Staff

Peter Kwiatek is the Assistant Director of Off-Campus ​Living. In this role, Peter provides resources, education, and events that help students moving or living off-campus have a successful transition and integration into their apartment and neighborhood. He works closely with neighbors, landlords, city officials, and university administrators to best serve the needs of students and the community. Peter grew up in Reading, Massachusetts and currently resides in ​West Roxbury​. He received undergraduate ​in Human Development and Psychology and his graduate degree ​in Higher Education Administration, both ​from Boston College​.

Katelyn is the Graduate Assistant for Off-Campus Living. In her role, she works with the Assistant Director of Off-Campus Living to support students moving or living off-campus. She works to provide programs that are both educational and community focused, based on the needs of off-campus students. Katelyn grew up in Arcade, NY and received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Boston College. Katelyn is currently pursuing her graduate degree in the Higher Education Administration program at Boston College.

So there you go... Not only do we have professional knowledge of the BC community and off-campus life, we both have experience living the student life at Boston College as well. We have first hand knowledge about dealing with everything from finding apartments to managing roommate conflicts. We would love to get to know you better too; if you want to meet us in person feel free to drop by our office in Maloney Hall, Suite 413.

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