Parent Letter: Rising Sophomores

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are sending this letter to all parents/guardians of rising sophomores at Boston College to remind you that your student has either been guaranteed university housing for four years, three years, or less. The housing guarantee for students can be found in their admissions letter, but you can also call Students Services at 617-552-3300 or 800-294-0294 if you are unsure. Regardless of their housing guarantee, the information provided in this letter can assist all students who choose to live off-campus.   

Junior Year Off-Campus

The vast majority of students receive three years of university housing, with the year off-campus to be taken in their junior year. If students with three years of housing decide to live off their sophomore year, they must also live off their junior year (i.e. the junior year off is non-transferable). 

Housing Appeals

Students seeking an additional semester or year of housing must appeal for university housing in the fall of their sophomore year. All requests for additional housing must be made through the Agora Portal (the appeal form will be active on October 16, 2016). Please note that demand for university housing far exceeds availability, and as a result Residential Life’s ability to grant additional semesters/years of housing is extremely restricted.

Important Dates

Please note that over the next three years undergraduate classes begin before September 1 (the date leases historically start in this area).  Fall 2017 classes begin on Monday, August 28.  Therefore we encourage students to discuss or negotiate an early move-in date with landlords, property managers or real estate agents prior to signing a lease.

Leave of Absence Form

Students who are guaranteed university housing for four years but who choose to live off-campus during their junior year must log into the Agora Portal to fill out a Leave of Absence Form so they can return to university housing during their senior year. 

Apartment Search and Off-Campus Living Resources

Our office provides several resources for students, including information sessions, housing fairs, and one-on-one/group consultations. We also maintain a comprehensive resource page, apartment database, and roommate finder service. Please encourage your student to take advantage of all the services we offer during their off-campus apartment search and while living in the local community. For more information, please visit

Apartment Search Timetable

Students often feel pressure from rental agents or their peers to sign a lease early in the fall semester. Please remind your student not to rush through the apartment search process, as there are new apartment listings posted every day throughout the year. Some students do sign leases in the fall semester, but the majority will sign in the spring. Please encourage your student to review the many resources available on our website and to attend the information sessions and housing fairs we host in the fall and spring semesters.

City of Boston Zoning Ordinance

Please be mindful that the City of Boston has a zoning ordinance that prohibits five or more unrelated full-time undergraduate students from living together in a house or apartment.  We encourage our students to follow this ordinance, as failure to do so can create unsafe living conditions and be the source of large social gatherings, which invariably draw the attention of the Boston Police. For more information about the Boston zoning ordinance, please visit the City of Boston Inspectional Services website at

Residential Life Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Residential Life by calling 617-552-3060 or emailing with questions.  If you have questions about the off-campus housing search, please feel free to call Off-Campus Living at 617-552-3075, email or visit us on the web at  For questions pertaining to housing appeals, please email


Peter Kwiatek
Assistant Director
Off-Campus Living
Office of Residential Life

Greg Jones
Housing Operations
Office of Residential Life

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