Caution: This May Contain Bed Bugs

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On move-out and move-in day, you may see tons of used furniture lying on curbs, waiting to be taken by people who are in need. You may want to load your truck with a free chair, table, couch, mattress, and anything that is available. Living on a tight budget, claiming a piece of furniture sounds a good deal: many of them seem to be in good shape and by taking them home, you can save hundreds of bucks. 

In fact, they may actually cost you far more than what you expect to save. By taking a piece of used furniture home, you are also taking home unknown risks such as bedbugs, a kind of pests can live undetected for up to nine months before taking their first bite on you or your roommates. 

Watch out the orange sticker put up by officials and refrain yourself from taking unclaimed furniture home, even when all other people are doing so. If you are thinking seriously about buying used furniture, please visit local stores (listed below) or use our website message board for furniture exchange.

Used Furniture:

Urban Renewals
122 Brighton Ave, Allston
(no delivery, cash only)

Unique Furnishings
144 Harvard Ave, Allston

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