Parents: How to Support Your Child Through the Apartment Search

On or off campus parents want to do there best to support their children. When their children are searching for apartments and parents are separated by distance it can be a struggle to navigate which how much involvement is helping and what is actually hindering. What are the best things parents can do to assist their child through the housing search?

(1)  Set a reasonable financial range. Many parents either set their child with an unreasonably low rent range or no rent range at all. Do some research and find a reasonable rent for your means. Boston is an expensive city to live in and rents may be higher than what you are used to seeing in other cities. Typically, students who live with 2-4 roommates can expect to pay between 750-950 each a month, including utilities. Parking and other amenities can add to this cost. Request a guest account on our website as a parent and you can get an idea of what the rental market looks like by browsing our listings. Also keep in mind that if your child uses a rental agent, they may be expected to pay 4 times rent before they move in (first month's rent, last month's rent, security deposit and broker's fee).

(2)  Be prepared to be a co-signer. Unless your child has a solid credit history or a job that pays enough to cover the rents, they are going to most likely need a co-signer. Also referred to as a guarantor, a co-signer is often expected for a college student to sign a lease. Be sure your credit is good enough to sign for your child, if not find someone who can act as a co-signer for them.

(3)  Talk about roommates. It's probably best to step back a bit and let your child choose their apartment, however a huge factor that will impact their off-campus living is who they choose to live with. Roommates can impact whether your child gets their security deposit back, or even if they get into trouble with the Boston Police. Talk to your child about who they are choosing as roommates and make sure they are making a responsible choice.

Finding an apartment for the first time is a stressful process. The most important thing you can do as a parent is support your child and guide them through this process. Remind them that they are not alone and that we are near by on the 4th floor of Maloney Hall if they have any questions or need help!


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