Housing Appeals 101

The housing appeal process can feel stressful to many, so we wanted to break down all the housing appeal possibilities and explain what they mean to you. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that all appeals are reviewed on an individual basis by a team of experts from University Health Services, Financial Aid, Residential Life, and Disability Services. Appeals are considered for students who demonstrate a significant need over other to reside in university housing. Students may only appeal if they are currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student in one of the day programs. Here are the possible housing appeal outcomes:

(1) Appeal Granted Before the Housing Selection Process: If your appeal is granted before the Housing Selection Process, you can participate in the House Selection Process just like anyone else. You can join a group and enter the lottery or choose to participate in final selection (final selection is the process where you are placed in an open bed space after all other groups have selected).

(2) Appeal Granted After the Housing Selection Process: If your appeal is granted after the Housing Selection Process, you will be placed in university housing as if you chose to participate in final selection. This typically happens over the summer, usually within the month of June. The placement staff will use your roommate profile to place you in the best housing situation possible.

(3) Placed on the Space Available List: If you receive an email telling you are on the space available list, you may or may not be granted university housing. Essentially, you are on a wait-list. As spaces become available they are offered to students on the space available list. If you are on this list, we recommend that you search for off-campus housing as if your appeal will be denied. On campus spaces are offered to individuals on the space available list starting in the early summer (June) through the beginning of the fall semester (September). Being on the space available is not a guarantee of university housing.

(4) Appeal Denied: Your housing appeal was not approved. You may re-appeal, but the result will definitely be the same unless you include new information or documentation. This is the time to search for off-campus housing. You can begin your search by creating an account on our off-campus housing and roommate finder database.

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