Dear First Year Students: Don't Panic

Dear First Year Students,

As you near the end your first year at Boston College, living off-campus as a junior is probably the last thing on your mind. Often when the summer between freshman and sophomore year comes to a close, students begin to panic about finding off-campus housing for their junior year. Many students receive frantic calls or texts from their friends warning them that "all the good housing" will be gone before they step back on campus.

Don't panic. Off-campus housing isn't going anywhere. Don't make a rushed decision that you will regret later. Most of our students sign leases throughout their sophomore year and some even during the summer after. Here are something you want to keep in mind when deciding if you are ready to begin your off-campus housing search:

Do you know who you want to live with? How long have you known your potential roommates? Are you sure you'll still like them and want to live with them in a year? Do you have similar expectations for your off-campus lifestyle? Do you have comparable financial expectations for rent and utilities?

After you begin your search and are thinking about signing a lease, consider these questions:

Are you signing this lease because you want to live in this apartment or because you feel pressured to sign? Do your roommates want to live in this apartment or do they feel pressured? Can everyone afford to pay their share of rent and utilities? Is the apartment good quality and in good condition? Will potential sublettors want to move into this situation? Is the lease reasonable?

The students that are most satisfied with their off-campus experience are the ones that take the time to figure out what they want and do their research before signing anything. So slow down and take a breath. The rush to sign a lease by September of your sophomore year is a lot of hype and you will thank yourself later if you don't rush. 


Off-Campus Student Living

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