Off-Campus Living: Time Management

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Living off-campus might seem like an obstacle to your time management. You have to factor in your commute - walking or waiting for the bus - or taking the Green Line. If you make this trip several times a day, the time begins to add up. However, if you plan your time wisely, living off-campus could add some structure to your day and actually help with your time management!

The key to managing your time off-campus is to plan for the entire day ahead of time. For example, pack everything you need and bring it with you to campus in the morning Pro-Tip: pack everything the night before, you're less likely to forget things and you'll have a few more minutes to sleep in!

Think about your day from start to finish and try to minimize what you need so you don't get tired from carrying your life around with you:
  • Can you take notes and pull up readings on your laptop?
  • Do you need to bring lunch or a snack with you? 
  • Do you want to bring a change of clothes for the Plex?
This way you'll avoid wasting time by traveling back and forth from your apartment in the cold. If you have any breaks in your schedule, take advantage of them by studying or doing your homework in the library. Pro-Tip: See if you textbooks are on reserve. If they are, that's one less thing for you to carry and you can save a lot of money!

If you plan your days ahead of time, living off-campus can help you better manage your time, by giving structure to your schedule and by placing you in an environment that discourages procrastination. Pro-Tip: It's super awkward to Netflix binge in Bapst.... I know from experience. 

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