Off-Campus Housing: Extreme Makeover Edition

Now that the winter wonderland has melted away, the off-campus community doesn't look quite picture perfect anymore. Considering the beauty of BC's campus, it's a shame the off-campus community gets a little ragged. Luckily, Boston Shines is right around the corner and soon we'll be restoring our off-campus home to spring time ready condition. To be a part of this Springs event (Saturday, April 23rd) sign up here! Here are some pictures from last year that show the huge difference the students participating in Boston Shines made for their community!




Side by side: From start to finish, it's clear that a huge difference was made. Below is a side by side showing the same location before and after the event!

Thank you everyone who participated in Boston Shines last Spring! This year's BC Boston Shines event is scheduled for Saturday, April 23rd! If you like'd to be a part of this great event this year, sign up here!

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