Journey on the B-Line (Part 2)

So this is part two of two. You can view part one by clicking here. Now that you know some fun places on the B-line, lets continue on with:

Havard Ave: @Union

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@Union is a super fun cafe! I love going their for brunch, because they have a very extensive brunch menu. They also have great coffee which they acutly roast in house daily!

Packards Corner: Carlo’s Cucina Italiana

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This place may be the closest you can get to Italy without crossing the ocean. This restaurant is a piece of the North End transplanted into Allston. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Babcock St: Angora Cafe

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Angora cafe serves Mediterranean food, a refreshing change from the usual pizza joints and popular Thai food. I recommended their flat-bread pizza, as I am a huge pizza fan and love it in any form.

After this point the stops starting getting really close together, so we are just going to get off at every other!

St Pauls St: Otto's Pizza
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Have you tried Otto's Pizza yet? It's really great! They have some really interesting and unique topping combinations that always taste fantastic together.

BU Central: Pavement Coffee

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Pavement is a chain of coffee shops and they all have really cool vibes. They have great sandwiches and deserts. This is a great place to study while snacking on some great food!

BU East: At this point just head over the the Charles River

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Breaking away from the food theme, head over to the Charles. This is a point on the T were your walk to this Boston landmark is surprisingly short. A walk long the Charles is a great way to unwind and appreciate the beauty of Boston.

Blandford: Fenmore Grill

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Fenmore is another place that I haven't gone, but one that I can't wait to explore. They have a full menu with great traditional american style comfort food for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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