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Living off-campus you might be more interested in venturing outside of the BC bubble and seeing what Boston has to offer. Adventuring in Boston can make a big dent in your budget, however you can find deals to help you take advantage of the gems of this city without breaking the bank. My favorite kind of adventure is exploring a museum. I fell in love with museums when I was studying abroad in Italy and sought them out in Boston when I returned.

Here are some of Boston's best and how you can get in for free:

MFAFree with your BC ID... could it get easier than that? If you have non-BC guests, try visiting on a Wednesday evening when admission is free after 4 pm.

Isabella Stewart Gardner MuseumContrary to what I thought before my first visit, this isn't one big garden. It's a beautiful art collection, although there is a rather impressive garden in the courtyard. Admission is free with your BC ID.

Museum  of ScienceIn case you didn't know, there are dinosaurs here. But Chris Pratt probably won't be there. You win some, you lose some. You can get one free ticket a semester at the Robsham box office with your BC ID.

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New England AquariumOkay, it's not exactly a museum, but it's the same idea and it's super fun to visit. It's the same procedure as the Museum of Science, you can request one free ticket a semester at the Robsham box office. 

Harvard Museums: Harvard Museum of Natural History and Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Harvard square is always a fun adventure, and also you can get in for free to both of these museums with your BC ID!

So this is where the free ride with your BC ID ends... but more doors are open for you if you get the timing right: 

Commonwealth MuseumAlways Free!! 

Institute of Contemporary ArtFree Thursdays 5-9 pm

MIT MuseumFree admission on the last Sunday of the month, September- June.

For more information on museum admission sponsored by BC click here.

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