Reader Email: Residence Hall Access

The Email: Dear Off-Campus Housing, I am a senior living off-campus and would like to request card access to the senior residence halls. Most of my friends live on-campus and I don't like having to rely on them to let me into their buildings, especially late at night. Thank you.

Off-Campus Housing Response: Students have restrictions on their card access based on where they live and the time of day. For example, no student is able to get into a hall that is not their own after midnight. Additionally, students can only swipe into other buildings that fall within their class-year area (i.e. first-year area, sophomore area, senior area). Therefore, students who do not live on campus do not have card swipe access to any on campus residence hall.

Think of it this way, you wouldn't want people who don't live in your off-campus apartment to be able to enter your building, right? As always, arrangements should be made with friends in advance to let you in to their building or their suite. 

For more information, visit our residence hall access webpage.

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