Moving Back on Campus

So you have three years of housing and you've spent your junior year off... where are you going to live next year?

First, you need to decide if you want to live off-campus or on. Many students enjoy the independence and adult living that being off-campus offers. Living off-campus you have more options when it comes to the amount of room you have, the number of roommates you have and the location where you live. However, many students choose to return to campus for their senior year, perhaps to try their luck at a pick time that will give them a chance at a Mod or one of the penthouse suites in Gabelli or Voute.

If you choose to live off-campus- congrats, you're already a pro! You've gone through the search process once already and may not even need to start again if you are renewing your lease!

If you plan to live on campus, be sure to follow these important steps:

Fill out the housing intent form and housing application! They are both currently live are due February 12th. You can fill out the form by going to the "My ResLife" section on Agora Portal. Those who do not fill it out may not be guaranteed housing.

If you are planning on returning to campus keep in mind that room selection begins on February 29th for 6-person apartments (Mods, Rubenstein, Ignacio, 2150 Comm Ave.). If you have any questions visit the Housing Assignments webpage or email

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