Reader Email: Short Term Rentals

The Email: Dear Off-Campus Housing, I am only looking for a place for five months (January through May), how to I find a short term lease? Please advise.

Off-Campus Housing Response: First, start by searching our off-campus housing database. You may be able to find a landlord who is posting a property as a flexible, month-to-month, or short-term accommodation. Another option is to search through our roommate finder. There are always students looking to add a roommate to a lease for a semester or students looking to have their spot filled by a sublettor while they study abroad. If you are still unable to secure a place after exhausting those options, you may consider signing a 12 month lease and then sublet or assign the apartment to another for the months that you will be away. Subletting is something that is common among students - both domestic and international - because most landlords require a 12 month lease. 

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