Getting Started: Neighborhoods

One of the basic decisions you will need to make in your housing search is which neighborhood you would like to live in. Most off-campus undergraduates live within walking distance to campus in Brighton. However, this is not your only choice. There are pros and cons to the different areas around campus you can choose.

Brighton: Most of the off-campus undergraduate population lives in Brighton within walking distance to campus. You can also commute to campus via the free BC Shuttle or on the B-Line. Brighton features a mix of apartment buildings and multifamily homes. 

Newton: Newton covers a large area, however there are some housing options in Newton that are very close to campus, which is located primarily in Newton. Housing options for students in Newton are often within walking distance to campus. Newton, a largely residential area, tends to be a bit quieter than Brighton and features more houses than apartments. A downside of housing in Newton is that access to public transportation is more limited than it is in other areas. If you live within walking distance to campus, you can take the Comm Ave bus to the Reservoir T stop to get downtown.

Brookline: This area is bit closer to the city than Newton or Brighton. Technically, like Newton, Brookline is its own city and is not a part of the city of Boston. Brookline tends to be a bit pricer than other options, but has easy access to downtown Boston via the C and D lines and is known for its beautiful streets. Brookline features fun sub-neighborhoods such as Washington Square and Coolidge Corner.

Allston: Further down the B-Line, Allston is often dominated by BU students. This area has many apartments buildings, a slightly longer commute to campus and rent is often a bit cheaper than it is in other areas. A major highlight of this area is the shopping and restaurants located around Harvard Ave.

Other areas near downtown Boston, have the benefit of being closer to the city, however they are often more expensive and have a longer commute to campus. For more information on local neighborhoods, check out our neighborhood descriptions here.

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