Steps to Take After Finding an Apartment

(1) Review your lease and make sure you understand all of the terms in the lease and addendum.

(2) Have the apartment inspected. If you will be living in Boston (Brighton is part of the City of Boston), you can contact the City of Boston's Inspectional Services Department (ISD) to have the apartment inspected or assist you if the apartment is in bad condition. ISD can be contacted at (617) 635-5300 or visit for more information.

(3) Document the condition of the apartment. Complete the “Apartment Condition Statement” which the rental agent or landlord will have for you. If he/she does not, simply make a list. The “Apartment Condition Statement” is a detailed checklist of damages in the apartment that exist prior to moving in. When it is completed and signed by both tenant and landlord, make sure both parties retain copies and one is attached to the lease. The landlord/agent must provide you with this statement upon receipt of the deposit or within 10 days after the tenancy begins, whichever is later, to help you keep track of the condition of the apartment.

(4) Apply for Apartment Insurance to protect yourself! Information about various types of insurance may be found at the National Student Services, Inc., website A great resource for you might be “The Good Neighbor’s Handbook—A Guide for Boston Landlords & Tenants,” go the City of Boston’s website at

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