Reader Email: Trustworthiness of Listings

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The Email: Dear Off-Campus Housing, are all the landlords, agents, and sublet listings on your site posted by trustworthy people? I am doing my apartment search from a distance and rely on honest responses and trustworthiness of the people who I have been in contact with. Thank you.

Off-Campus Housing Response: Our office does our best to manage the listings that get posted on our site, but we cannot guarantee the trustworthiness of the people that post with us. If you have any questions about people or properties please reach out to us at and we will share any knowledge we have or otherwise advise you as to how to navigate the situation. Finally, we recommend that all users of our site (or any other) learn the danger signs of internet fraud. If you are a victim or attempted victim of Internet fraud, please report the scam to police and university officials immediately so law enforcement authorities can shut the fraudulent operations down.

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