Pros and Cons of Life as a Roommate

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Roommates, you can't live with them, you can't afford to live without them, amirite? It's not all bad, but it is good to look at the pros and cons of roommate living before you choose who you are going to sign a lease with.

Pro: You're all financially responsible! With roommates you get to split most of the major costs of living, rent, utilities, you might even share groceries! Splitting these costs can open up some room in your budget, for non-essential, dare I say fun, spending!

Con: You're all financially responsible. If roommate Joe, for example, doesn't pay his rent, you are just as responsible as he is to make sure it gets paid. Unpaid rent can and most likely will impact you and your co-signers credit. The same deal follows with utilities, if Joe was responsible for electric, someone has to pay it if you want to keep the lights on! If your roommate is financially responsible, it might be time to consider non-residential friendship. 

Pro: You always have company! Looking for someone to talk to or share a late night snake with? Now you have it! Roommates are a good way to keep homesickness at bay and it's always nice to have a shoulder to cry on during hard times!

Con: You always have company and hopefully not more than you bargained for! Having roommates can be a big sacrifice to alone time and possibly to peace and quiet. If you like your quiet space, be sure that your roommates aren't under the impression that your apartment is going to be the hub of their social scene!

Pro: Chores? Not so much anymore! Chores are an unavoidable unpleasant part of life. But now with roommates you have people to share them with! No longer will you be responsible for cleaning the bathroom, living-room, kitchen every single week. Many hands truly does make light work!

Con: Chores? Maybe more... Splitting chores is great, until you get roommates who are more of a chore themselves. Different definitions of clean and neat can lead to big roommate conflicts and end friendships. If dirty dishes in the sink or the trash can becoming a replica of the Eiffel Tower is beyond tolerating for you, be sure your roommates feel the same, otherwise you may end up not only taking on all of your chores, but also cleaning up after you roommates.
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Basically, who you pick as your roommate will make a big impact on your quality of life. Be careful to discuss these issues that go a bit beyond just getting along as friends to make sure that you end up with pro-level roommates! 

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