Making a Connection: How to Use the BC Roommate Finder

One of the biggest disadvantages of moving to a new city is not knowing anyone. Finding someone to be roommates with is an even bigger endeavor than just making new friends. A roommate is someone with whom you must share your personal space and compromise on living styles.

Where do you start when it comes to finding a roommate? Check out our BC Roommate Finder! To search on the roommate finder, you first must create your profile. Think of this like a dating site, after all, searching for a roommate who is a good match is similar to finding a significant other who you are compatible with.

Be honest! Make a list of the things you would want to know about your future roommate and include these details in your description. Take time to think of what lifestyle expectations you want to share with your roommate and include these as well. Remember, only people who are also looking for roommates can see your profile, so share honestly and openly! 

Include a picture. It seems small, but it goes a long way. Including a picture shows that you are open about who you are, and at the very least it should show that you don’t look crazy. The picture you post shows a lot about you. Do you say that you are looking for a quiet study hideout, but your picture is of you at a party. But some thought into what you choose, and as you would on a dating site, put your best foot forward.

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