Check Out the Landlord or Manager

Your perspective landlord will likely check you out thoroughly with a background check, reference check, and credit check. Before you sign a lease, you should also check out your perspective landlord or property manager.

Ask Current Tenants: Visit the apartment and speak with current tenants about their experiences living in their apartment.  Ask about security, noise, or if there are any problems with maintenance, repairs, or essential services such as heat, plumbing, or means of egress. Find out from the tenants if they have ant concerns about the landlord or property manager, or if they would recommend the apartment to their friends.

Ask Neighbors: Neighbors may know the landlord very well and can share information about the landlord's reputation or the neighborhood's overall perception of the property.  It will also be useful to find out if there is any tension or conflicts between the neighbors and residents of the property.

Google the Landlord or Property Manager: A quick search on Google can reveal a lot about a property or landlord. You likely will be able to find reviews from past tenants or find out if the property or landlord has been in the news recently. You can lean a lot from a quick internet search.

Always make sure to do your homework on a property before writing a deposit check or signing a lease agreement!

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