An Off-Campus Interview

Rahul Rakhit '17 & Giovanni Boyer '17
Ever wondered what it’s like to live off-campus? Sophomore Andew Yeager set out to answer that question by sitting down with juniors Giovanni Boyer and Rahul Rakhit at their off-campus house on Foster Street. In their loft bedroom we chatted about the importance of toilet paper and why off-campus is the place to be.

Any roommate drama?

Rahul: No, not really. That’s the cool part about living off-campus, everyone’s got a good amount of space so no one is hovering over each other.

Do you feel separated from the BC community?

Rahul: No, I feel closer to the BC community, especially during the football season. Off-campus (Brighton Campus) became the big spot for tailgating.
Gio: You are also living around everyone in your grade.
Rahul: Literally each house in every direction is someone we know.

What is some advice for working with landlords?

Rahul: Be very nice, be very accommodating.
Gio: You are living in their house.

Best place to study?

Rahul: Brighton Campus' Theology Library.
Gio: Fuel or Starbucks, people go to the coffee shops.

Any lessons learned from living on your own?

Rahul: You become so resourceful. A piece of our stairs broke off, so we learned how to repair a hole in the stairs. It’s definitely a good intermediate in growing up.
Gio: There’s no one to do stuff for you. If you don’t pay your bills, it doesn’t happen.

Any advice for people thinking about living off?

Rahul: Get your own toilet paper!
Gio: We recently ran out of the last roll I came to school with.

Any advice for having guests over?

Gio: Better to not make Facebook events. If you don’t want it to be big be sure to be specific about that to your friends. And watch the doors.
Rahul: The freedom to have people over is nice, so take precautions but also take advantage of that while you can.

Biggest difference between living on and off?

Rahul: Space and freedom. You don’t feel like someone’s always watching over you.
Gio: A lot of people go off-campus for weekends, and you’re already here.
Rahul: It does seem like it’s own little community. You have Kirkwood, South, Radnor, Gerald, Foster, and you know everyone around you. It feels like your space.

Would you live off-campus again?

Rahul: I’m living off next year. I like having the separation. It’s nice to be able to do work on campus and then come home and just relax. It’s like a home.

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