Social Media Suggestions and Safety

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Facebook Events: Before you click "invite" on that open Facebook event, seriously consider how quickly your message may spread to those around you. Large parties often start with the click of a button. Consider the fact that even if you only invite 15 people to your apartment, those 15 may invite two each, and before you know it your small gathering turns into a party you never intended. Regardless of intent, the incident may be documented by the local Police Department or by Boston College resulting, in a court date or meeting with the Office of the Dean of Students.

Status Updates: Before you upload that picture of you and all your roommates on the beach in Miami, consider who may see that post. Posting a picture of you and your roommates on vacation may make your apartment an easy target for thieves who now know the place is vacant for the week. Really be mindful of the information you and your roommates are sharing with your networks. 

Too Much Personal Information: What are you putting out for the world to see? Can others find your name, birth date, hometown, current address, schools, photos, etc.? Sharing your personal information across outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook may leave you susceptible to unscrupulous people who can easily use that information to damage your finances, credit, or reputation. 

Accepting Mysterious Friend Requests/Followers: Do you know that person that you just accepted as a "friend" on Facebook or that random person who suddenly stated following you on Twitter? People can easily get access to your personal information, whereabouts, and see what belongings you may own or have around your house based on photos or status updates you post. Be very mindful of who your "friends" or followers are as well as what the general public can see or learn about you based on your public profile. Make sure to be especially discriminating when accepting who can follow you online and check your privacy settings on a regular basis.

Posting About Bad Behavior: Landlords (and employers) likely will do a formal background and credit check on applicants, but they will very often also search for you though Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Be mindful of what you post and who can see it. Posting a photo of you and your roommates drinking underage or damaging property may seem funny to you in the moment, but will certainly make a potential landlord or employer cringe.

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