Off-Campus Cooking 101

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One of the many wonderful things about living off-campus is that you are no longer tethered to the University's meal plan.  You now have the opportunity to make your own meals and get creative in the kitchen.  Cooking can be fun, relaxing, and hopefully delicious! 

If you can make the basics, then you can slowly start adding your own twist on traditional recipes. You can make quick, tasty, and very affordable meals by planning ahead, budgeting, and by getting creative with left overs.  Here are some tips that I have learned from my experiences cooking.

(1) Be sure to properly store your food.  Not only will proper storage prevent stale bread or spoiled veggies, but it will also prevent pest from using your apartment as their pantry.

(2) Plan your meals ahead of time and make a shopping list so you don't forget anything while at the store.  This will prevent wasted trips (time and money) to the store and avoid the headache of missing a key ingredient for the dinner you were dreaming about all day.

(3) Use the freezer to store extra food, especially meats. A challenge of cooking for one-person is that is it difficult to find smaller portions at the grocery store. It can be easier and economical to purchase items in bulk and freeze the extra.  Just don't forget to defrost your food well before your next planned meal.

(4) If you have random extra food in the cabinets or fridge, think twice before throwing it out.  Try to find a creative way to use the last remaining ingredients - perhaps make a stir fry or add the extra ingredients into rice or scrambled eggs. It can help you save money, prevent waste, and maybe you can discover a fun new recipe!

(5) If all else fails, you can always purchase a flexible dining plan or optional dining bucks from BC Dining Services. Visit their website here for more details.

Bon Appetit!

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