Neighborhood Flashlight Walk

Recently, the Boston Police Department hosted a "neighborhood flashlight walk" with neighbors and staff from Boston College. The purpose of the walk was to introduce students to many of the long time residents with whom they share the community. The group also reminded students to secure their apartments, especially with the holiday season approaching, and to be mindful and respectful neighbors within the neighborhood. 

Please take a moment to review the following safety tips to secure your off-campus apartment and protect yourself and your property, especially as holidays approach and many off-campus apartments go unoccupied during holiday breaks.

  • As always, secure your apartment when you leave, making sure that all doors and windows are shut and locked.
  • Please contact your landlord or property manager immediately if windows or doors are not securing properly.
  • If you have air conditioning units installed in windows, remove them and secure the window, especially where there is access to a fire escape.
  • If air conditioning units cannot be removed, make sure they are securely fastened.
  • If possible, active electronic tracking options on your computers and phones.
  • When you leave for Thanksgiving, please take all electronics and jewelry of value home with you as they are often easy and temping targets for thieves.
  • If you have trusted neighbors, let them know you are going away so they can keep an eye on your property while you are away.
  • As always, report suspicious behavior in or around your neighborhood immediately by calling calling 911.
  • If you do come across an intruder, make noise, put lights on, yell for help, try to get a description of the person and call the police immediately.

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