Roommate Rift: Hosting Parties

Your apartment. The center of the off-campus social scene. That's what everyone wants, right?
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Maybe not your roommates (or neighbors)....

Parties can be a big source of conflict among roommates. Whether it's the roommate with class at 8:00am on Friday morning, or the one that always ends up cleaning up the mess, parties aren't always a cake-walk. The best way to host a happy social gathering is to be considerate, cautious, and keep lines of communication open.

Be sure define who is hosting the party. Is it just you, you and one roommate, or the entire apartment? The hosts should be the ones footing the expenses, keeping guests under control and cleaning up afterwords. Any damage caused to the apartment should also be the responsibility of the hosts. At least one host should also serve as the sober contact. The sober contact needs to be prepared to end the party, seek help when needed, and politely respond to police, neighbors, or the community liaison. The host(s) should check with all roommates before setting a date and should be considerate of a roommate who has an early class or appointment the next morning. 

Finally, your roommates don't want to start a war with your neighbors or draw the attention of the police. Be sure to keep noise levels reasonable and not to let the party extend to hours that some would define as the "wee hours of the morning." Be responsible and be safe!

For information on the social host law click here.

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