Bus Etiquette

As an off-campus student you are likely going to be more well acquainted with the BC Shuttle Buses than you have been on the past, unless you lived on Newton as a freshman, in which case I hope you've figured this out by now. Taking the bus is sometime far from pleasurable, but lets focus on some rules of etiquette that make taking the BC Shuttle and other forms of public transportation, just better in general.

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(1) First come, first serve. You've been waiting for the bus for 20 minutes, you were the first one at the stop. But now you see the bus turn the corner in the distance and you are surrounded by students and you know it's going to turn into the hunger games to get on to that bus. It shouldn't be this way. Let those who were at the bus stop before get on first. Don't push, never shove. Men and women for others, don't push their way onto a bus. During crowded times, try to let those that were at the bus stop on the bus first.

A good strategy to avoid the crowded bus, is to avoid those rush hours. Don't plan on taking the last bus that will get you to our 9am class on time. Instead plan on having breakfast or coffee on campus. Taking the bus 10-15 minutes earlier can provide you with not only a seat, but also personal space!

(2) Move into the bus. There are few things more infuriating than having waited for the bus, trying to get on and getting turned away only to see that there was plenty of standing room at the back. If you are on the bus and you see people getting on move as far to the back as possible. Yes, this might break up a conversation you are having with your friend, but buses are made for transporting people not facilitating conversations. Again, I'm going to pull the Jesuit card, think of the other people and remember the golden rule!

(3) Let people out. In a perfect world, the bus would never be so crowded that this is an issue. In a slightly less perfect world people near the doors would exit and re-enter the bus so those who are leaving can get off comfortably. But I know there is a fear on crowded buses that if you leave, you will not get back on. With this in mind, do your best to make sure that those who are getting off can do so. Remember for every person that gets exits the bus there is a little bit more room for others.

(4) Be mindful of your belongings and your body. I'm a short girl, so this is a big deal to me. Many times I've been on a crowded bus and feel like I'm about to be decapitated by someone's backpack. Even worse is when someone feels like a good hand-grip is right above my head and so their armpit lands by my nose. I've had to duck to avoid getting slapped in the face by a hand-talker. Be mindful where you are your belongings are in relationship to those that are around you and avoid putting others in an uncomfortable position.

(5) Finally, always listen to the driver. Never be rude or unpleasant. If they are telling you there is no room, it might not be what you want to hear, but his job is to get everyone transported safely and he deserves your respect.

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